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More organic bends and articulation have been integrated across the figure including in the abdomen, shoulder and collar.To make those movements even more realistic, Genesis 8 includes built in flexing of major muscle groups as the figure bends and poses.By including clones for Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3, The Genesis 8 figures are backward compatible to be able to use a massive amount of content and provide you with the most selection possible.Providing bases in both female and male forms gives you even more control and the power to create more realistic characters.The Genesis 8 figure platforms is more than just a figure or a character.It is a true character engine that allows you to choose characters that appeal to you, modify and enhance them to meet your needs, or even mix and blend them with other characters to create your own, unique vision.Steph Tolev is a hilarious, brash bolt of energy that's a joy every time.You may have seen her on Getting Doug with High, The CBC or a bunch of other places.

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She also taped a TV set for the Halifax Comedy Festival that airs on CBC.She now runs SKITS in LA with Denver alum Troy Walker and Caleb Synan.Originally from Toronto, she's so god damn funny and we're lucky to have her.it’s an unforgettable experience and I met a lot of new people across the country, even met my boyfriend there!Recommend to all especially if you love to get wild and party all night.

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