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In some cases, the certificate sent by the server is not a trusted certificate, the client may choose to trust the certificate if the server is target server for sure.

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If you have Raspberry Pi 3 B , download Xeoma Beta 18.4.5 (or up) for ARMv7 (if your OS is 32-bit) or for ARMv8 (if your OS is 64-bit) If you have Raspberry Pi 1 B , download Xeoma 17.5.5 for ARMv6 here Guide for Xeoma on Raspberry Pi Xeoma has several editions: Lite edition: basic functionality for up to 4 cameras (6 modules in each chain); Standard edition: no limitations in time of use or amount of modules in chains; Pro edition: all the benefits of the standard edition professional modules; Trial edition: unlimited functionality and any modules while settings every 4 hours/at program exit, rewritable archive every hour.

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