About dating military guys

Your military boyfriend might be away on his posting for long durations and I am aware that it is really difficult to maintain long distance relationship.However, there needs to be a total commitment from your side when you opt to be a military girlfriend.No matter how hard the temptation is, never ever cheat on your military boyfriend.Most of the time, they are struggling hard on the battle fronts and looking forward to be with you when they are back.So what exactly is expected from you to be a good military girlfriend?If you are clueless, here is a list of general dos and don'ts along with some military etiquette.Make sure to write about all the interesting things that happened to you throughout the day. You may mutually decide to set a letter routine that he might be able to predict.

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So if you are truly in love with your military boyfriend and dream to be his wife someday, then it is always expected that you gel in with the military environment and achieve perfection.Military men have a common tendency to use certain abbreviations while referring to their posting zones, their locations, their weapons, their commanding personnel, etc.It is important to understand that these abbreviations form an essential part of normal military life and therefore, these words may be used by your boyfriends during your conversations.This might create feelings of jealousy, anxiety or anger in his mind.However, do not always expect your boyfriend to write to you regularly.

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