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From initial product conception to final production, bring us your packaging problems and allow Arminak & Associates to find the right solution at a price and speed to market that is unrivaled in the cosmetic packaging, personal care packaging, body care packaging, hair care packaging, and skin care packaging industry.

As a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, we offer a large selection of attractive and well-made products that include cosmetic bottles, airless bottles, airless bottles and pumps, airless pumps, cosmetic airless bottles, dispensing caps, foil pouches, droppers, tubes for lotion, tubes for lotions, tubes for personal care, tubes for creams, lotion pumps, tubes for cosmetics, cosmetic tubes, canisters, cosmetic containers, jars for hair care, jars for cosmetics, cosmetic jars, jars for creams, shampoo bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottles for cosmetics, plastic cosmetic bottles, lotion bottles, bottles for lotion, bottles for perfumes, perfume bottles, foamers, foamer bottles, foamer pumps, foamer pumps and bottles, liquid hand soap bottles, containers for hair care, containers for cosmetics, cosmetic containers, atomizers, deodorant stick containers, pumps for cosmetics, pumps for lotions, lotion pump bottles, lotion pumps, lotion containers, cosmetic pumps, pumps for bottles, pumps for perfume, lip balm containers, cosmetic closures, triggers, trigger spray bottles, trigger spray bottles, fine mist sprayers, bottle sprayers, perfume sprayers, tottles, aerosol cans and much, much more. Ben, You are very helpful in insuring I get the samples in time and meeting our deadlines.

Leigh Ann is very thorough and responsive to both my own needs and the needs of clients that I have referred to her.Our strength as a company is tied to our strategy of combining contract manufacturing with a very strong overseas sourcing organization.Arminak & Associates also offers the cosmetic packaging industry an extensive custom product design capability.I hope Arminak knows that you are a go above and beyond with your clients and a key employee they have in you!Again, thank you so much for working so closely with us and making sure projects run smoothly from beginning to end. You have found the right company if you're looking for: cosmetic packaging, cosmetic packaging supplier, cosmetics packaging suppliers, cosmetic packaging suplliers, cosmetics packaging wholesale, wholesale cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging manufacturer, manufacturers of cosmetics packaging, cosmetic jars wholesale, wholesale cosmetic jars, cosmetic jar suppliers, cosmetic jar manufacturer, cosmetic bottles wholesale, wholesale cosmetic bottles, bottles for shampoos, shampoo bottles wholesale, bottles for cosmetics, cosmetic bottle and jar manufacturer, plastic cosmetic packaging, cosmetic bottle manufacturer, wholesale cosmetic bottles, cosmetic bottle supplier, skin care packaging, skin care packaging suppliers, packaging for skin care, personal care packaging manufacturer, personal care packaging suppliers, personal care products packaging, packaging for personal care products, cosmetic tubes manufacturer, cosmetic tube supplier.

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