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do you see the wedge-shaped portion of the forehead reconstructed here in a light color?

It was not until 20 years later that the public accepted the new genus and that australopithecines were a true member of Homininae. Broom classified it also as Plesianthropus transvaalensis, and it was dubbed Mrs.

Other evidence for the eagle kill hypothesis includes the presence of eggshells at the site and an unusual mixture of animals bones found alongside the Taung Child’s skull.

Most of the bones found are from small animals (including hyrax, rodents, tortoises, lizards, crabs, small antelopes, and small baboons), which is uncommon compared with animal bones at other early human sites.

Scientists suspect an eagle killed the Taung Child because puncture marks were found at the bottom of the 3-year-old’s eye sockets (see close-up photo below).

These marks resemble those made by a modern eagle’s sharp talons and beak when they attack monkeys in Africa today.

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