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All day, especially at her job, she found her mind wandering back to the number she left on her nightstand.

What she could earn in one night would take her working thirty hours at the fast food restaurant.

” Rosie said enthusiastically “I have found the perfect part-time job where you can work when you want to.

The least you will make is two hundred dollars a night and that is for just an hour’s work.

”“Spanking,” Julia said watching the front door, afraid someone would barge through the front door and see her in a compromising. Put your skirt down and have a seat….while you still can.

Jim stared at her ass for a moment, then reached out and squeezed both cheeks, causing her to jump. So glad you are one with some meat on her ass and not those skinny bimbos. I will let him know you are here.”For once in her life, Julia was glad that she was a big beautiful woman as she sat in a chair.

She watched James disappear into an office and settled back to wait.

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Now she was twenty-one, in college, and an older sophisticated man wants to pay her to have sex with him – and she was going to let him.Stepping into office she saw an older man, mid-sixties to seventies, sitting a huge oak desk, a ruler in his hand.“I am sorry but I neglected to get your name when I made the appointment,” said James“My name is Julia Montgomery,”“And this is Mr.Chisholm,” he said, “I think this one is a keeper Mr.Although it was unnerving the way he just stared at her Julia forced herself to stare right back. Raise the skirt and let me see that delicious big firm ass that has James all a flutter.”Slowly Julia walked over to him, turned around, and raised her skirt. Julia jumped and turned around, angrily saying, “I am only applying for the spanking job, not anal sex.”“Too bad,” he replied “you have the perfect ass for fucking, nice tight hole. Now assume the position, ass in the air.”As if her feet and mind had a mind of their own she found herself doing as he required.Although Julia had never considered a spanking a turn-on she found the crotch of her thong getting wet. Chisholm walked behind her, flipped up her skirt and smacked her ass with the ruler, causing her to yelp – her thong now thoroughly drenched. Taking her by the arm he helped her stand and then pressed a button on his desk.

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