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"But now, we're getting close -- day by day -- to 1 billion messages sent." Other social media networks have struggled to combat cyberbullying.

Under pressure from advocates and users, Twitter has pledged to crack down on harassment.

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"The larger point that we need to decide when designing these environments is pretty philosophical — at our core, 'how are people?

In 2015, the company said it had more than 20 million active users, but this July, Whisper laid off 20 percent of its staff to cut costs.

Whisper has raised over million in funding, in addition to ad sale revenue.

Before the app shut down in 2015, tech blogs and anti-harassment groups criticized Secret, and a Brazilian court even ordered Apple and Google to remove the app from its app stores.

Founder David Byttow acknowledged Secret's anonymity had been "the ultimate double-edged sword." In the footsteps of Secret came Yik Yak, the college and high school "virtual bulletin board" sensation.

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