Arianny dating

Celeste has been named ' Ring Girl of the Year' at the world MMA awards a record six times.

She also has a degree in fitness management and nutrition.

Now, over a decade since making her UFC debut, Celeste is one of the most familiar faces in the mixed martial arts promotion and has gained a ton of fans along the way.

What are your thoughts on the reported relationship between Arianny Celeste and Tyga?

Arianny celeste and Praveen Chandra were rumored to dating but now it has been confirmed when they were seen riding in a limousine in Las Vegas when she started questioning him about text messages sent to other women.

That was clear that the girl is getting jealous which shows her love for him.

So that was the moment when the couple did fight with each other just because of texting some other girl.

They started their relationship in the year of 2012 and separated after few monhts.

She previously presented the reality TV car restoration show Overhaulin', before it was cancelled in 2015.

The 31-year-old fitness model - real name Penelope Lopez Marquez - has been snapped enjoying her holiday in Mexican resort Tulum.

She frolicked with friends in the sea before falling asleep on a sun lounger.

For the fans that are hoping they still have a chance of taking Celeste out on a date, there is still hope in this world as the two are not exclusive at this point so you can keep those dreams alive.

It looks like Tyga is running out of ideas on how to impress the ladies!

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