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Helpful Tools for a Biracial/Interracial Relationship The decision has been made and you plan to pursue a relationship with a person of a different race/culture/ethnicity/religion.Be realistic about the relationship and think about both challenges and benefits of the relationship.Such sentiments, Skinner said, belie the notion that most Americans are ready to embrace mixed-race romance."Some people are still not comfortable with interracial relationships, or at least they're a lot less comfortable than they would appear to be," she said."Acknowledging these biases is the first step to figuring out why people feel that way and determining what can be done so they won't." Explore further: Where we live affects our bias against mixed-race individuals, psychology study finds More information: Allison L. " Affective bias against interracial couples, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2017). That makes us one of millions of interracial couples in the US. Who is filling young peoples' minds with modern-day racism? " Frankly, I don't know why some people care so much. To all the dead, white, Confederate guys who are somehow influencing white people today, I just have one question, why?????

But unfortunately, due to some people's ignorance, I do. Does the barrier of race come between that for them?

A 2012 study by the Pew Research Center found that interracial marriages in the U. had doubled between 19 to about 15 percent, and just 11 percent of respondents disapproved of interracial marriage.

But new research from the University of Washington suggests that reported acceptance of interracial marriage masks deeper feelings of discomfort—even disgust—that some feel about mixed-race couples.

I'm talking about the, "Your boyfriend's black?

I'm not even talking about just the stares I get from people whenever I'm with my handsome, Nigerian boyfriend.

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