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Existing in a creepy little community apparently ruled by psychopaths, the Others have imprisoned the troubled Jack (Matthew Fox), loose cannon Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and doeeyed Kate (Evangeline Lilly) in bizarre cages where they are inventively tortured, the purpose of which is, of course, unknown.

Visitation will begin one hour prior to the services. He grew up in the Presho area and attended country school until moving to town school during second grade.

And the heartfelt message that he shared with it is even better!

Can their owners really be that desperate to be loved, needed, wanted, wee-ed upon, that they’ll put up with a mad, yappy, unhappy creature at any cost?

They’re expensive, psychotic and prone to suffering from hideous conditions brought about by gross inbreeding.

Mandy from, Abergavenny in Wales, is one such small-dog lover, except her ball of fluff is a demented stalker that won’t leave her side and sends visitors packing with bleeding stumps where their hands should be.

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