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Never had a problem with it mechanically, but it's a double trigger non-ejector with fixed chokes, not much there to break. The design is simple and reliable, borrowing a few concepts from the Winchester 21, the gun is made with enough steel in it, and you won't have to worry about its safety or falling apart after a couple of hundred of shots. I think they are probably an acceptable hunting gun for light use....especially the simpler ones. f=83I've had an Izh-43, which is exactly the same gun, in the family since 1996. I don't know much about the current Baikal guns other than they tend to generate strong feelings both ways here on SGW.One of Sebile’s most renowned lures, the Sebile Magic Swimmer offers a revolutionary jointed design that appeals trophy fish the world over.Built to deliver a smooth swimming action, the Sebile Magic Swimmer features two super-durable joints, which impart a natural movement and are built to withstand strikes from the largest predators.

Tomberlin, Hi Sun, Linhai, Polaris clones, Razor, Ranger, Yamaha Rhino Copy.Most likely will not be getting a Mossberg 28 gauge SXS but was wondering what the details and the feelings were about the 28 gauge SXS shotguns.Whether it’s a vacation trip to the beach with the family or a hunting trip across the country with the buddies, you can feel confident with a Diamond Back.Remington dropped them after a couple year for some reason. We bought one for my Nephew several years ago and that kid has put thousands and thousands of rounds through it, it is the Baikail version. Have known several people with Baikails not one issue from any of them.i owned one, 20 ga sxs, was a heavy clunky gun but was totally reliable never an issue wish I had kept it.

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