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Val is set up on a date with a seemingly perfect man (guest star Darrin Dewitt Henson) by April.Meanwhile, Keisha, along with Chilli, attends the Millionaire's of Atlanta event in hopes of meeting eligible rich bachelors.The aftermath of Malcolm's disappearance lands Keisha in hot water with the FBI.And to make matters worse, she gets reacquainted with a former lover (special guest star Terrell Tilford).She meets Winston, a handsome bachelor who offers Keisha ten thousand dollars in exchange for sex.April's marriage crumbles in the wake of a scandal. A party at "V" leaves Val with more dates than she can handle, but after a pep talk from Keisha, she quickly learns how to juggle.

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Keisha worries that Malcolm isn't telling her everything about his relationship with his ex-wife.

April (Charity Shea) has supposedly found the perfect man and the perfect marriage — but is learning that marriage isn't necessarily a happy ending. To get over the recent break up with her ex lover, Val turns to online dating with hopes of meeting Mr. Keisha decides to take her relationship with Malcolm up a notch, but with mixed emotions.

Val has a pregnancy scare when she sleeps with both K. Meanwhile, April finds her cover is blown when she is publicly outed for her affair.

The Cold War continues between Keisha and Malcolm, but her new conquest, a distinguished professor, keeps her on her toes. And Val gives Christina advice on one of her school designs.

Val is conflicted when Malcolm wants to hire her for a special event. And Christina is off to a rocky start at "V." Rumors spread about Val's sexual preference just as her budding relationship.

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