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A talented actress, how rich is Mira Sorvino at present?

Sources state that Sorvino’s net worth reaches million, as of late-2016, accumulated during her acting career which now spans more than 30 years.

Opportunities continued to come Sorvino’s way during the early 2000s, and she landed a wide range of roles, such as in the TV film “The Great Gatsby”, and in the miniseries “Human Trafficking”.

It's just sometimes they're not really allowed, at the earlier stages of their career, to bring the fullness of their imagination to the project, because studios are very, very nervous about what they're doing. But I loved working with Antoine, and it was fun to do an action movie. I blew my voice out when I was doing a reshoot of Mimic-because it was one of those screaming scenes where I'm in the subway and I'm yelling because the monster is coming-and when I came back to the set of The Replacement Killers (1998), Antoine was like, "I like your voice that way. So every day I had to yell to burn out my vocal cords.

As of 2014, she had recurring roles in the series “Psych”, “Falling Skies”, “Intruders” and “Stalker”.

Sorvino’s latest film appearances were in the 2016 films “Exposed” and “Indiscretion”. Speaking about her private life, Sorvino was once in a relationship with the legendary Quentin Tarantino.

But I wish hadn't done the one about giant cockroaches. My father was like [Imitates Paul Sorvino], "Mira, people are not going to come see a movie about cockroaches. ".(2011, on The Final Cut (2004)) I don't think that many people have seen, and I think it's a rather interesting film. But he's just a brilliant man.(2011, on The Replacement Killers (1998)) I wanted to work for John Woo, and he was one of the executive producers, and Antoine Fuqua.

I wish I had been in one of his later ones, which were more esoteric and beautiful. There's a kind of evolutionary revulsion we have toward those sorts of insects, and no one will come to see it. It was funny: That and Mimic (1997), the directors both made greater- or at least, more broad-reaching, more artistic movies-after their genre forays, and I kind of wish I'd worked with Antoine on his second or third movie.

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