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WESCOM Director Steve Rauter said he wants to meet with Braidwood officials and wants the city to stay, saying it is "more efficient for the area."Only the Braidwood Police Department wants to pull out of WESCOM.

The Braidwood Fire Department would stay, said Braidwood Village Administrator Don Labriola, who, as a former Mokena village trustee, was involved in building the current Lincolnway Communications Center.

Additionally, the Consolidated Dispatch Center includes built-in redundancy in case of a catastrophic event affecting the facility.

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The Braidwood Police Department also wants to be included in the Laraway center as the 31st agency, and while the new center would have enough space, that decision has yet to be made."We can't bring Braidwood in until we have formed our own organization," said Cindy Heath, a Frankfort village trustee.

Labriola said the city has done its homework on this and could save about ,000 per year."For a small town like Braidwood to pay 0,000 — that's a lot of money," he said."Operationally, it's a shame," Rauter said.

As required by the State, the Village of Kenilworth is merging its 911 Dispatch Services with the Villages of Glencoe, Northfield and Winnetka.

The four communities will be utilizing the Village of Glenview’s Consolidated Dispatch Center but calls will still be personally answered for each Village Kenilworth Police Department administrative personnel will answer the administrative phones and be available for walk in guests at the police front desk Monday through Friday from a.m. All other hours, the administrative phone calls will automatically forward to the consolidated dispatch center.

After standard hours, a trained dispatcher will have video and audio coverage of our lobby.

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