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You may have seen the latest well-publicised Pay Pal horror story.

I've seen plenty of them too and was never really bothered about them, figuring those people might have brought it on themselves. Now that I have my own experience to add to the list, I'm done defending Pay Pal and have actually closed my account.

If they had said my account had been accessed from an unexpected location, that would have been fine, but this is a boldfaced lie.

The conservative who spoke out about abstinence after having her first of three children at 17 is pretty much as opposite as you can get from Farrah.

Video: Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Get Candid About Farrah's Ousting!

On the scientific side, Sir Isaac Newton's guess for the age of the Universe was only a few thousand years.

Einstein, the developer of the General Theory of Relativity, preferred to believe that the Universe was ageless and eternal.

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