Cynical quotes about dating

By nature, people are selfish, and the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be.

I used to take things personally when people threw me under the bus or f*cked me over, but then I realized that's just the way the world works.

Isn't that what protects you from self-serving assh*les who will do whatever they need to if it means getting ahead?

If you aren't thinking of things in a realistic way, aren't you just setting yourself up for disaster?

It’s not that we are trying to take the romance away, but most relationships are all the better for having humor as a major element.

It’s true that some of our quotes may seem a little cynical, but they are usually from people who have been married more than once and see love from a different perspective.

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It's when this happens that you develop a cynical personality. I'm not paranoid; I'm just being more cautious this time.21. I'm not devoid of feelings; I just don't give them up right away.23.

It's one thing for strangers to let you down, but it's an entirely different issue when someone close to you lets you down. I’m not boring; I just don’t want to play your stupid games.24.

I guess this is why we shouldn't expect things out of people, but it's beyond difficult to do so when you know you would be there for the people in your life no matter what. I don't have low expectations; I just have realistic ones.17. I'm not hopeless; I've just given up on being optimistic.25.

You weren't born cynical, but after watching the behavior of others and the way the world works, it's pretty damn difficult to think in any other way. I'm not unromantic; I'm just not waiting for a fairytale.8. I'm not emotionless; I'm just guarding my emotions more.26.

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