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Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning star as two young environmental activists who want to “make a statement”: the film opens on them looking thoughtfully at a hydro-electric dam in the Oregon mountains, and we soon twig to what they are planning.Fanning’s character, Dena, uses her savings to buy a speedboat – ‘Night Moves’ is the vessel's endearingly naff name.It was really my dream to do four-minute-long takes of driving in a car and looking out the window. So being able to do your best to translate that into a movie and be onscreen not saying anything and hoping that the audience is with you is a challenge, and amazing.It challenges you to tell a story without words, which is really what human beings do. When your partner walks in the door you can immediately tell if they’re happy or sad by their look. I don’t know that I did that, but that’s what you try to do.I would see her outside my window at night walking up the expressway to go to Taco Bell at night to get her dinner.” Fanning, who shot “I Am Sam” with Sean Penn when she was six and made a movie with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg before she was in her teens, still has a toe in blockbuster moviemaking, but it seems as if her heart may be elsewhere.Fanning left before the end of the “Night Moves” production to make the premiere of the last “Twilight” movie, and Reichardt recalls her texting from the red carpet: “I wish I was with you guys!

When I saw the movie at Toronto last fall, I didn’t realize until the end credits I’d been watching Dakota Fanning the entire time.I was 6, and those are pretty formative years, still.Then, I did a movie with Steven Spielberg, “The War of the Worlds.” That was insane. I did “The Runaways”: I was 15, it was my first time doing something that was biographical of a human that was still alive that was on set, that was a certain time in history.During TIFF, Grey Goose vodka co-hosts a series of events and the partying always rages on until the wee hours. Scroll down and check out her short and/or medium dyed blonde hairstyles & haircuts.

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