Dangers of dating coworkers

Practically speaking, two people in an office romance can also be a force for good; sharing notes/ideas and collaborating well together.”Romance in the Workplace – The Bad There are also a lot of “cons” to dating your co-worker.

The most common one being, if it doesn’t work out, you still have to see your ex and work with him or her everyday.

Becoming friends with your coworkers is a tricky thing.

One one hand, having a friend at work can help you feel as if someone is in your corner and can give you the confidence to do your best and a safe place to land when things get rocky.

Before you accept the offer of a date from that cute new guy in accounting, learn a little more about navigating the minefield of workplace romance. When you spend this much time with someone, you get to know them on an intimate, day-to-day level.

Romance in the Workplace – The Good These days, people spend the bulk of their time at work, which makes the temptation to start an office romance strong. You get a feel for their intelligence, personality and ethic and this can create a type of chemistry that could lead to something more.

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Things to keep to yourself include: If you become friends with someone at work, remember to keep things professional at all times. It's nice to have a support system with your friend, but avoid playing favorites or spending too much time doing things unrelated to your job.Another potential ugly consequence of workplace romance?The person you’re dating may already be in a committed relationship.Being in a relationship where someone knows those demands and how that can likely impact time and availability is vital for any kind of relationship growth.People inherently understand and are attracted to others who “understand” that part of their life.”Another draw of getting involved with a co-worker is the excitement coupled with the “safety” of dating somebody you’ve already gotten to know.

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