Dark skin dating so you think you can dance dating

It boils down to being happy with you and confident in you enough to not compare yourself to another.

I just want to remind the women out there that you have a choice.

It becomes stupidity when you purposely only date light skin women/men and when you deem the darker skin ones less attractive simply because of a complexion.

The sad part is there are a lot of women and men who are hopelessly searching for a partner but may never find them because he or she does not meet their complexion requirements.

Not only am I competing with you because you are another female I am also competing with you because you are lighter than or darker than me.

One guy told me that he was only dating me because I was light skin.

How about, I think I look good because I should feel good about myself and not wait for someone else to validate my beauty?

The stereotype is that light skin girls believe that they are more attractive than their darker counterparts.

It is also believed that light skinned girls are treated better, receive more attention from men etc. While the darker skin girls are thought to not be as pretty and to be envious of another chicks golden complexion.

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