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The photos might be inviting others to intervene or to help keep you accountable.

People who routinely upload pictures may do so unconsciously and therefore may not even be aware of their unhealthy focus on food.6.

The other day my Facebook "friend" posted a picture of the most delectable lasagna you've ever seen on his wall.

He wrote under it, "Don't worry, I'm going to eat it mindfully." This comment was obviously attached for my benefit. He isn't the only friend I have that uploads plates of food, snacks and desserts on their Facebook page. Here are just a few of the psychological motivations behind sharing what you eat with the world.1.

These posts might get a thumbs up from your friends (or at least avoid criticism and snide comments).3. Posting a slice of cheesecake or chili cheese fries may be a way of alleviating guilt or inviting the same kind of internal criticism you might be struggling with inside. Or, they may add to your regret by pointing out the calorie content and your "badness" for digging into fat, salt and sugar.4. There is nothing like documented, visual proof that you have taken a leap into unknown food territory.5.

Help Me: Posting a lot of images of food may indicate a problematic relationship with eating.

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So, before you upload a picture of stuffed peppers or a slice of hot, NYC pizza on your Facebook page, consider why and what this might be telling your Facebook friends about you. D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in eating issues, weight loss and mindfulness.

She is author of Eating Mindfully, Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful, and Mindful Eating 101 and is a Psychology Today blogger.

Food Advice: A picture of an appetizer from a swanky Chicago restaurant or a burger from a greasy spoon is likely to convince others it is worth the trip.7.

Cooking Magic: Perhaps you've posted a picture of a masterpiece you've whipped up in the kitchen.

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