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It was a popular gift among nobles and is a symbol of an emperor’s power.It was necessary to have a model of an axe handle to create another one as it is was necessary to have a go between to arrange a marriage.

Sung Tzu-ching, President of the Board Works and a celebrated author once wrote "The scholar has reaped the reward that is due, And homeward returns on his wearying steed; When the blossoming apricots come into view, He urges his charger to bear him with speed."The fruit of the apricot is symbolic of the delicate grace and appeal of the female.Other Bat Art Motifs The bear was more common in China in ancient times.One cna still find the black, grizzly and panda bear in parts of China.When given as a gift, in a work of art, it can be a gesture of encouragement to rise higher in one’s field of work or study.Throughout history, bells have played an important role in many cultural arenas; namely religious and military.

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