Dating asian women in los angeles

I haven't really dealt with dating outside LA, when I lived somewhere else it was college. He had messaged me first and was from another state originally where there wasn't really traffic like this so he didn't realize what that distance meant.

I could usually get out there on weekends or late Friday nights in about an hour.

There's no good way to get to my college without a car and I'm dreading having to scrounge enough money to buy one by fall. Btw, I definitely have a thing for Jewish girls too I've just moved here from the Bay Area and it's terrible.

Oh yeah well the OC is fascist Republican land so it's no wonder. Everyone is a flake and nobody wants to make any effort unless there's something in it for them.

Trying to make legitimate friends is basically impossible as well.

I went to SF a couple weeks ago for 4 hours and got 8 likes.That's not even factoring surrounding areas, or demographics of people who live in each area. Just went there yesterday and got a shit ton of "likes" from the locals.I have to admit though, NYC was fucking unbelievable.In the 500 square miles that make up the city of Los Angeles there are 3.5 million people.In the 800 square miles that make up Contra Costa County (where I live), there are a million.

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