Dating broadway

We started brainstorming about different ideas that could be theatrical and current and could justify being musicalized on stage. Namely, that we all bring all of our own baggage, and voices in our heads, and “inner critics” onto first dates with us.

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And what exactly was going through her head at this very minute?

As I write this, we are beginning previews on Broadway. Sadly, I never did go out with that auburn knockout again.

I don’t think Michael, Alan or I ever thought that our dating disasters would lead us to the Longacre Theatre. But I’m thrilled to report that I am now happily married and have a beautiful two-year-old son.

I know it’s hard to believe, but apparently when a guy has a full-blown panic attack on a first date, it doesn’t exactly make the girl want to rush out on date number two. Or worst of all—the guys who, no matter what we do, the right girls just want to be friends with.

I have been asked several times, “Where did the idea for started that night. That’s the real killer.” And yet, the more we started polling anyone who would listen (family, therapists, random Starbucks customers), the more we discovered that EVERYONE has had bad first date stories. We’ve all sat across the table from somebody and thought, “How the hell am I possibly going to get through this entire meal? Well, I think the primary answer is this: There are very few moments in life where the stakes are as high as on a first date. One false move could be the difference between going home alone or possibly connecting with your soul mate.

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