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Guys here at Chapman, in my opinion, create a first impression of a girl strictly by the way she looks and how attractive she is and that determines whether or not he will hook up with her.

Guys base the initial start of a relationship solely on level of attractiveness…

D , did while conducting two separate pieces of recently published research on what people find “desirable” and “essential” in long-term partners through the lens of the “mating market” , and how the number of sex partners a person has had differs according to their gender, height, and body mass .

The “mating market” is an easy way to process the individual differences and variations between people in regards to mating – more specifically looking at how men and women process and categorize an appropriate mate.

Overall, 58% of men and 56% of women reported having more than five partners, and 29% of men and 23% of women reported having more than 14 partners.

The previous survey, as well as our perception of women in pop culture, tends to reflect the notion that slender women are desired and thusly it would be logical to assume they have had more sexual partners.

” Logically, younger people are likely just beginning to experience the “mating market” and are less focused on longer term companionship elements; instead they have more intentional, defined and perhaps lofty expectations for their future partner.

Men and women, ages 18-25, found qualities like being good looking, having a slender body, and having a successful career to be more essential than any other age bracket.

As people fall in love, their perceptions of their partners attractiveness increase.

For men in particular, the static nature of the data is odd, given how much of a premium it seems is placed on taller men.

“These findings confirm that height is relevant on the mating market,” said Dr. “However, the relatively limited variation in sex partner number for men across much of the height continuum is difficult to explain.

They were also the least interested in qualities like having a steady income, and were generally less interested in qualities like making an equal amount of money, or even making a lot of money.

“One clear message from the research is that people ages 18-25 put substantially more importance on good looks than other age groups, and this is particularly important to young men,” said Dr. “As men enter their thirtys, they start to put relatively less importance on appearance (and) consider it less essential.

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