Dating hamster wheel

What year is he making that phone call in, by the way? That phone looks like it came straight out of 1992. Bedjam wrote in, and he said, I'm just waiting for the Luke Legs. The crazier the decision, the faster the hamster must spin in order to successfully rationalize away the insanity Bad Decision:“I’m going out and getting drunk with my friends.”Resulting Consequences: Drunken and unsatisfactory hookup sex with a stranger.Hamster Processing Result:“I was drunk and he took advantage of me or maybe even raped me! ”Final Result:“It’s not my fault.”The emphasis in this example being that the sex was in fact consensual (although alcohol was involved), but the woman justifies it (rationalises it... Really bad joints are in every part of the human body. And I kinda dig it and I'm also kind of, I'm a little skeptical, but I can see Air Bn B. To be able to have joints that never tire and never break down? It'll be neat if you can sort of design your own Yeah. But yeah, this is almost like a pre-fabricated apartment furniture.

You can see, this is from DARPAtv, they are using the arm in testing, and you could see he's picking up eggs and moving them to the other carton without smooshing them. I mean, it looks like he's got a real useable hand and arm. And what it's going to allow for amputees or people with the need for this kind of thing. This project is really to help people that otherwise wouldn't have the ability to have two arms, two hands.

Yeah exactly, and it's like this is becoming more and more popular to do and I think that things like this are just gonna get more refined, they'll get more lighter weight, they'll be more modular. Hey TD, Jay wrote in and said "Ori's robot is a cool concept but how can I bring a girl over with out her thinking I'm Quagmire Even though I really am.

I know, I think about that too and am like that's just too little Space but a lot of people this is like a big trend. There's all kinds of sort of micro housing happening right now. At a certain point it becomes essential when we We keep over populating. If you just had a really tiny space, this seems like it would be really Helpful, but otherwise I don't know. Yeah and I think we're getting better and better at it you see these great organizational stuff online and stuff.

On today's show, we deep dive into advanced prosthetic arms for humans, artificial muscles for robots, apartments in a box.

And of course, interactive walls to decorate your apartment in a box.

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