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Working under the assumption that "The basic cause of divorce …

Next, we will differentiate between those couples who divorced relatively early and those who divorced relatively late, and we will provide a portrait of their courtships and early marriage relationships.They also had extraordinarily long courtships and, unlike most couples who quickly enter into a regular dating relationship, they often dated each other casually for a long period of time.In fact, by the time the Early Exiters agreed to date each other exclusively, the Delayed-Action Divorcers were already engaged (Huston 1999; Huston, Niehuis, and Smith 2000; Niehuis and Huston 1998). Professor Human Ecology University of Texas This paper reviews a series of studies addressing the question of whether loss of love and affection early in marriage and long-term marital instability have roots in couples' premarital relationships.Implications of the findings for premarital education are presented.

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