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"We have a largely transactional practice (meaning we do more contracts than litigation) and Clio and most legal productivity software is built for litigation.We'd tried a number of different solutions and they were all clunky and not customizable." Track Via, a database builder that makes it easy to create your own internal tools, saved the day.In most database systems, each piece of data—everything you save into the database—is related to other pieces of data.

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The only problem is, no app is a perfect match to the way you work.And a good database will make it easy to surface those related pieces of data.Of course, databases aren't the only way to store your data.The only requirements are that your data can be entered with a form, stored in a database, and displayed in common rows, tables, or charts.If you're able to manage that, you'll get an app with Have you ever needed a particular tool for your work, but even after trying dozens of apps couldn't find anything that fit your needs precisely?

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