Dating long distance calls every week

That one will get your heart fluttering and make you feel so appreciated.My boyfriend and I aren't even long distance, and we always make sure to send each other a goodnight text.(You totes thought I was going to say letters, didn't you?) Texting is the perfect way to keep in touch with your partner all day every day, but simple emojis and "you're the best" texts won't always do.

Your hypochrondriac approach will serve you well, because long distance relationships are tough.

Make your partner feel like they are there with you, despite the miles.

It's easy to save details for when you see your partner and can actually talk about your day, but for those in a long distance relationship, that's just not feasible.

Let your partner know how your day went, tell them about your promotion, or about your high school reunion.

Let them feel like they're right there with you, and make sure to ask them for their own updates.

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