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I loved “Shake It Off,” then we had to really sit down together and focus. We’re on our way to the video shoot now for the song “Infinity,” and it was the same type of reaction when he heard that song. I love her music so much and we’re like brother and sister. When I hear it on the radio, I can tell something when it comes across that it’s going to be a big record. Reid: I really did know it was that special record. A lady pulled up beside me singing the song at the top of her lungs and her windows down.

I’m used to be being the most focused person in the room, but on this particular track, Jermaine was so focused. Dupri: That was the first time that Johntá was brought in to write. comes down with all of his money people as I’m singing, “When you left, I lost a part of me,” over the outro and my friend Tracy Cloherty [former Hot 97 programmer and current BET exec] stopped by. She was on the top of her game and wrote an incredible song. When he heard the song, he felt like it was a really big record, but we knew we had to get two videos out at once. The rumors that we were dating were ridiculous because we’ve been friends for 20 years. You can listen to the people that were talking, the air jocks, they’ll say something like, “Mariah’s back.” You could tell that conversation was leading to this song becoming what it is. I said, “I’ll be damned, she cracked the code.” This is what we look for when we make music.

It just seems like with me the standards are so high, and I set my standards so high, that it’s hard to live up to. It was a massive, big comeback for Mariah, and it was a comeback for me, too. It was our magical moment together, and we’re still together, because we belong together.

Date Signed: December 2012 Label: Island Def Jam Type of Music: Rap/Rock/Pop Band Members: Baby E Management: Mark Sudack Booking: Matt Galle / Paradigm Agency, [email protected]: Scott Felcher Publicity: Lauren Schneider / Island Def Jam, [email protected]&R: Chris Anokute After being courted repeatedly by labels that never came through, Baby E had gotten comfortable with the idea of being an independent artist, self-promoting his genre-blending original songs through You Tube and Soundcloud.

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Boyfriends and Spouses Tommy Mottola (1992 to 1998): Mottola received his fame for owning Casablanca Records and working as a music executive.“A lot of A&R showed interest,” he says, “but it seemed like they were just pulling my chain. They just said to keep working, keep putting stuff on You Tube, and I just got sick of it. Then I met a girl named M’Jestie.” That’s Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks, who penned Rihanna’s hit, “Pon de Replay,” and told Baby E she could put him in touch with a friend who could help––Chris Anokute of Island Def Jam. “Chris calls me back that day at my hotel room and says I got a meeting with Luke the next day.Baby E flew from Virginia to Los Angele to meet with the A&R rep who asked the artist, “If you “A lot of A&R showed interest, but it seemed like they were just pulling my chain.” could work with any producer, big or small, who would it be? So I bring him my demo and play some stuff.” Baby E’s week-long stay culminated in a showcase arranged by Anokute after which the artist went home with both a publishing deal with Dr. “I went into IDJ kind of nervous, but Chris said, 'Even if they don’t sign you, make sure they remember you.’ I got the deal no one else offered and moved to L. a week or two after signing.” Baby E is wrapping up his first album, Girlfriend Material, noting that monetary support from Island Def Jam has played a huge part in making the record he wanted to make.The song has gone on to sell over 1.6 million copies in the U.S., and Billboard named it “the song of the decade” in 2011. Carey continued her success, netting two more number-one singles, judging American Idol, and now performing in her Las Vegas residency.

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