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David learned to make apple butter at his grandma’s farm.

Later, he bought a stirring pot and began making his own.

Off the beaten path but conveniently located along State Route 30, Bucyrus, Ohio awaits with its Norman Rockwell charm and Mayberry friendliness and service.

Hop over to Cooper’s Cider Mill and see apples and berries go from the vine to spread.

Picking is still a family-owned business but very unlike the kind of Al Capone used to preside over as Godfather.

Back in the Roaring Twenties, Al Capone used to stop off in Bucyrus for a night of sin at an underground Speak Easy while traveling to the East Coast from Chicago. For decades, the Speak Easy in Bucyrus was a forgotten part of a tangled underground network of tunnels.

The copper is worked into kettles, ladles, skillets and other custom forms as it progresses through the shops five rooms.Each craftsman takes his time to hammer out perfection, often striking up conversation as they work. Picking & Company, to no surprise, gets orders from around the world resulting in some cases, up to 1,874 patterns.Tours and catalogs are available by calling 419-562-6891.After all, Bucyrus is known as the Bratwurst capitol of the world. Cambridge, Ohio Li’l Glass Houses for All to See Excerpt from a past edition of Ohio Traveler Cambridge, Ohio is filled with little towns known to be the capitals of this and that.Bucyrus is the bratwurst capital, in Zanesville its pottery and in Cambridge – elegant glass. We’re talking three-inch collectibles that fetch up to a thousand dollars on e Bay.

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