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(Yes it's a hard life...) And hey, I certainly am not super ripped, a millionaire or have a giant social circle of influential friends.I’m just a regular guy, like you, who got fed up and spent years speaking to thousands of women and trying everything, however crazy and absurd it sounded, until…

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I literally don’t have to think about when I’m going to have sex next so I can get some work done!

You can roughly divide my work into three categories: tools for data science, tools for data import, and software engineering tools.

Are you overwhelmed with "dating advice," material, e Books, products or seminars, and just feel pulled in a million directions with no clear idea what you're doing wrong?

I stand by the quality of my training courses and material, and that’s why I’m offering you a 30-day iron-clad refund policy.

What that means is – if you implement the rules fully over the course of the next 30 days, and you do not improve your dating life at all, then you get . ) Just scroll down, hit the buy button, and click the paypal button at the bottom right of the order form that will appear (you do NOT need an existing paypal account to pay with a credit card).

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    As such, I don’t hold out much hope for anyone else.