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However, in most cases, operating at or near an established limit is not a best practice, as acceptable performance and reliability targets are best achieved when a farm's design provides for a reasonable balance of limits values.Thresholds and supported limits guidelines are determined by performance.These include the following: Important Some values in this article are based on test results from Share Point 2010 Products and may not represent the final values for Share Point Server 2013.This article will be updated with appropriate values as Share Point Server 2013 test data becomes available.If the size of one slice increases, the size of others must decrease proportionally.Since load on a farm is not static (user requests, for example, might only be significant during certain hours of the day), the relative size of the slices is constantly in flux.

Each of these sections must share available farm resources.For example, observations of farm behavior under load when site collections are added indicate that certain features exhibit unacceptably high latency while other features are still operating within acceptable parameters.Therefore, the maximum value assigned to the number of site collections is not absolute, but is calculated based on an expected set of usage characteristics in which overall farm performance would be acceptable at the given limit under most circumstances.In other words, you can exceed the default values of the limits, but as you increase the limit value, farm performance and the effective value of other limits may be affected.Many limits in Share Point Server 2013 can be changed, but it is important to understand how changing a given limit affects other parts of the farm.

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