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The aim of this study will be to make visible physically disabled women’s experiences of violence in South Africa and its impact.

Through conducting in-depth interviews with 30 physically disabled women and 10 disability service providers in the Western Cape, the research will (1) explore the nature and forms of violence experienced by disabled women in their lifetime (2) identify the risk factors for experiencing violence (3) describe the consequences of violence, (4) describe the construction of sexuality for women with disabilities and how this promotes or protects them from violence (5) identify the barriers and facilitators to support services and pathways to care, (6) review what interventions exist globally to prevent and respond to violence against women with varying disabilities, including physical disabilities and their effectiveness, (7) to discuss recommendations to prevent and respond to violence against women with physical disabilities in South Africa.

Email [email protected] The objective of the study is to develop an understanding of children’s psychosocial needs post rape and to determine the extent to which the existing services meet the needs of both the child and their primary caregiver.

The study is designed as a longitudinal follow-up study using qualitative semi-structured interviews with both sexually abused children and their adult care givers.

A purposive sample of 36 CSA survivors (child and care giver) will be recruited and followed-up from point of contact for a 6 month follow-up period..A new report from the MRC’s Gender and Health Research Unit tries to understand the prevalence of rape perpetration in a random sample community-based adult men as well as understanding factors associated with rape perpetration, and to describe intersections between rape, physical intimate partner violence and HIV.E-mail: [email protected] Project publications This is a three year project led by Promundo in Brazil which aims to analyse public policies relating to gender equality and men/boys; to undertake qualitative research on men who adopt non-traditional care giving roles in order to map and understand what influences these; and to develop an international men and gender equality survey.This qualitative study aims to look at a hugely neglected human rights and public health problem – violence against women with disabilities.We know that violence in South Africa is the second largest public health burden after HIV, and its impact is wide-ranging, including adverse physical, emotional, and sexual health implications, including HIV.

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