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A medical report is required for work and residency permits, and permits won’t be granted to anyone testing positive for HIV/AIDS.For more information, contact the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. You should use the Visa Validity Service to check your permitted length of stay by entering your passport number and Saudi visa number – there are heavy fines and sometimes prison sentences if you overstay your visa.If you don’t own your car outright (you got a local bank loan or bought on hire-purchase), you need permission from the creditor to take the car out of the country.A form (Istamara) needs to be issued for each country you’re travelling to, each time you travel. If you don’t pay a fine, the fine will double and continue to double until it is paid.

If your if you’re resident abroad – you should apply for a Saudi licence.

Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia, the only one permitted to its citizens and the only one that may be celebrated in public.

While foreigners are granted freedom of religion, no religious practices other than Islam are allowed, and proselytizing is illegal.

You can’t change your job or transfer your sponsorship without the agreement of your current sponsor, so it’s important you seek legal advice before accepting a new contract.

You’re not allowed to leave the country once an employment case is in the labour courts, and it can take many years to be finalised. See our travel advice for Saudi Arabia for information about emergency medical healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

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