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The general quality of Harmony instruments was lacking the attention to detail that the more expensive guitar makers were able to achieve.

They would ultimately slop glue all over the inside and do other things to reflect the fact that they were mass-produced.

What is known about one of the most prolific manufactures of guitars in this country?

These instruments were the same Harmony made instruments except for the label and accounted for almost half of the instruments made. There were also a large number of "House Brands" made by Harmony.

By 1915 they were the largest manufacturer of ukuleles in America.

They not only made ukuleles and banjos but they had a whole line of these folk instruments.

Established in 1892, one of the largest manufacturers of student guitars rivaled only by the likes of Kay, they produced countless numbers of instruments.

Surviving up until the time the import manufacturers took over the market, Harmonys were everywhere.

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