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ZILDJIAN CYMBAL STAMP CHRONOLOGY DATE TIMELINE All Avedis Zildjian cymbals have their name stamped in its bronze. So, it is difficult to exactly determine the period that certain stamps were used. There is no official track record of the stamps used by Zildjian. The proces of stamping wasn't very accurate and the imprint varies.Click here to see a timeline of K Istanbul cymbals .The Avedis Zildjian company started making K Zildjian cymbals in a factory in Medutic, Canada in 1977.Zildjian used the open/ hollow logo from 1978-1981.In 1982, Zildjian used the solid Zildjian logo top and bottom along with the modal and size font (including cm) like your last picture.They have the new-style model font, same as this; The front Zildjian logo has 'Avedis' above it and 'Brilliant' below it Next, I have an 18" I bought new in 1998.The model font is the new style, same as above, and the Zildjian logo is same as the new beats ('Avedis' and 'Brilliant') I also have two 17" crashes.

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Bri, are you certain the mini A and new style font, as per pic 1 on my first post, came in in 1994? /...erial-numbers/) Now my cymbal has the IF prefix, so according to that list, it's 1996.

We know Avedis Zildjian started production in 1929 in the Quincy, Massachusetts USA. In the thirties Zildjian's most popular cymbal measured between 8 and 14 inch, weight paperthin, easily bendable. In the fourties Bebop drummers began to use larger rides and sizzle cymbals.

Ride size ranged up to 30 inch and 16 inch Hihats are known from this era. In the fifties and later little inkstamps on odd shaped models say SWISH, PANG or FLANGED HI-HATS, MEDIUM RIDE etc. This is also known as the 'pre-ink' period, so before mid 1970s when Zildjian started the silkscreen ink stamps on the bottom with the open ink-stamp logo.

Click here to see a timeline of K Constantinople cymbals .

Constantinople was re-named Istanbul by the Government of Turkey in 1930.

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