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Probably because he knew the end of the world is upon us now we’ve seen the final sign of the apocalypse (aka the news that George Clooney is going be a father).Continue reading ,” here comes Lady Gaga with the news that she’s moved on from hot Taylor Kinney.

he stuck around to talk about the love lives of his famous friends.

In a web segment called "Watch What Happens LOVE with Andy Cohen," Cohen was asked what girl or guy he would set Gaga up with.

He though about it for a second, but came up with a pretty good choice: soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The new lawsuit says CBS and its featured experts set out to conduct a “sham reinvestigation” of the murder with “the preconceived the storyline” that Ramsey killed his sister and conspired with his parents to cover it up..

People reports that Ariana tweeted out a story about being objectified while out with her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller.

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