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" I didn't really believe this, but I’d become too invested in winning the argument. I was second-guessing myself and hitting him with unfair comparisons."How are you any different than people on welfare using the government to help them out? "Don't compare me like that ever again.” For the next two hours, we devolved into an argument that went deep into crazy-town. I was all over the place, because what really unsettled me was a much deeper fear: I was scared that he would see the real me, and he would bail. And so all my provocations, the times I lashed out at him were a kind of defense against the end I feared was inevitable.” you get a flavor of what Indivisible RC’s focus is.

A conservative slur, a word with so much venom he might as well have called me a dirty commie. He had collapsed all my opinions and worldviews into a box labeled “stupid” and dismissed it entirely. And for the first time, I felt a little bit hopeless about us. Nick took a puff of his cigarette and stared at me. find something to argue about, doesn’t mean you should. I think buying guns is a ridiculous waste of money. All couples face these differences of opinion, in some form or another.He pointed out every detail on his new rifle with awe and respect, and even let me hold it. Most of my Democratic friends were back in Pittsburgh, where I went to college, so I was alone in a sea of Republicans in the surprisingly conservative suburbs of Los Angeles. I had long sparring matches with the guys about gay marriage and big government.Getting one of those strong-willed men to admit defeat was a thrill in itself.Nick believed it wasn’t the government's place to pay for welfare and other social programs because they could be abused and stimulate dependency. But I couldn’t believe his flippant attitude toward Pell grants and the new healthcare law -- something I personally benefited from. “Why do you feel entitled to the money for your engineering degree? I was the one steering the conversation into fraught territory more often than not.His stance felt like a personal attack, as if he were dismissing me. ” "That's different," he said, flinching at the word "entitled." "I earned it." "Did you, really? Why do you think the government owes you anything more? I was the one pushing him to see how far our arguments could go.

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