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When university support for low-profit programs such as Asian Religions began to dry up he decided to abandon his dream of teaching and instead embrace a career in restaurant management.

This led him to San Francisco and Los Angeles, two markets in which the upscale restaurant industry can be absolutely cut-throat. He spent 12-14 hours a day, six days a week, running from crisis to crisis and butting heads with some of the most inflated egos in the industry.

Over the years he held management positions at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the nation, jobs that many restaurateurs would have sold their soul to get. He jumped from job to job, hoping to find a position that he could finally be happy with, but each one was progressively worse than the last. In the end he collapsed and found himself in the hospital with stress and anxiety-related respiratory issues.

He hit rock bottom, lost everything, and vowed to once again live life on his own terms, from a place of personal power.

Clinical studies and research back up the effectiveness of these innovative products designed by a doctor and scientist.

This solution is New and Unique and all natural to the body and very easy to use.

He carried his passion for scientific exploration into his Master’s Degree program in the religions of ancient India.

Throughout his academic career, Patrick dabbled in various healing modalities, testing them to see which ones worked for him.

I have listened to speakers since 2011, many wonderful speakers, but the work you do is soooo incredible.

Boris Aranovich: Health Concept of the Future Available Today! Bring the body into balance and amazing healings can occur!

Do you or anyone you know experience any acute inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, hormonal issues, skin challenges, dis-eases or imbalances in the body?

Eventually he synthesized his own healing system, Light Bridge, and established Thrive Energetics Academy to share his tools and techniques with the world.

Patrick is passionate about helping people create a deep and empowering connection with their Higher Self, what he calls Pinnacle Consciousness.

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