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It's really deeply human as well as mystical, and we all feel blessed to be part of it. There was no sort of opportunity to wander, so to speak.

Daniel Gillies: Well, yeah, those are the three, and I feel like we deal with those very admirably. We're five episodes deep now, and they always balance that so beautifully, and they're not mutually exclusive to one another either. What was strange, and a little bit off-putting, is we would be in the middle of shooting a scene and then you would hear "Code Blue." You would know that that's somebody actually experiencing a very specific, painful tragedy right at that moment, and we would get caught in that kind of world, so it did have some of those elements to it and that feeling. It just was sort of cinematically offered enough light to be able to do it, but what they have created now, the new stages are stunning.

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There's the harmony between what's happening in this sort of enchanted world, and thematically there are motifs that sort of marry into what's happening with the individuals and the surgeries of the week and the underlying texturals of the drama that's happening between us and our sort of past history and whatnot. The pilot was filmed in an actual hospital, and then given how difficult it was to be in a hospital -- you have to give deference to what's really going on there, and you don't want to be in the way and that sort of thing -- so they ended up actually setting up a whole studio for us that is a hospital. Daniel Gillies: We weren't really permitted to go into places like the morgue, and we couldn't go to the other wards. I'm sure we had access to some, but we were really there to work. No, it's lovely to walk into an environment that you sort of have to act in and then you realize you're not going to have to do a hell of a lot of acting because they built a hospital.

They have taken that overall theme and then they have used the situation with Charlie going into a coma to kind of push it there. Then each episode, what they do is they pick some of the things we as human beings do to hold on to hope to fight desperately for. Because she needs so badly to believe in something, and you see that interwoven throughout the whole episode.Erica Durance, best known for her role as Lois Lane in Smallville, has joined the cast of Supergirl and will play Alura in Season 3.The actress will appear as Kara's mother in a recurring arc, taking over for Laura Benanti, who "was unable to continue in the role due to work commitments in NY," according to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.After the panel was finished and the talent mingled with the press, TV Tango caught up with Erica for a little one-on-one time. Erica Durance: Well, I love TV, and I love a good script.I had been given a bunch of different choices, and I kept coming back to this one because of the heart that's in it and because of the love story.

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