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This doesn’t mean it should never occur; rather we need to better understand when full-text indexing is really required and how best to control it in our own environments.

” to “Yes.” After making this change, reload the LDAP schema to initiate the change by issuing the console command: tell ldap reloadschema.Through the use of this variable and increasing the number of update tasks to distribute the load within the different tasks, much of the performance issues were alleviated.My final tip is related to optimizing performance of Domino when it provides LDAP services.Selection of this property prevents users from performing searches in these databases that don’t have permanent full-text indexes already created.This new enhancement provides the flexibility required in many environments to allow occasional on-the-fly full-text indexes to be created where they’re needed, while disabling on-the-fly full-text indexes from being created in databases that really tax the server.

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