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While many guitar manufacturers focused on producing “lawsuit” guitars to meet the demands of the Japanese at lower costs than Fender and Gibson, ESP set out to rival Fender and Gibson straight away.

Instead of copying their guitars at lower costs, ESP decided to take all the ingredients and surpass what Fender and Gibson made, with a spare-no-expense attitude.

I agree, Edwards makes arguably the best low-cost guitar in Japan.

ESP luthiers also made a lesser-known brand under the name of “Seymour Duncan," from the mid-1990s until 2004.

They range in price from ,000 - ,000 and are the pride of ESP.

Sounds like a crazy idea destined for failure, but what many people want nowadays is a quality guitar, madewith the utmost attention to detail and don’t really care what the headstock says.

For what you get, Edwards brand is the best value in electricguitars today, in my opinion, if you are looking for a Fender or Gibson clone and don’t want to compromise tone bysearching for older, used vintage Japanese guitars that can sometimes be noisy.

I have 6 Navigators inmy own collection that would shame any Fender or Gibson you put it against in a showdown.They do look nice but have cheapfinishes and cheap electronics.For a beginner, it is a great brand, but not for professional musicians or collectors.ESP continues, however, to make bass guitarsusing the Seymour Duncan logo, but these bass guitars are not Fender replicas like their predecessors, although they upholdtheir tradition of being exceptionally nice bass guitars.ESP also makes a cheap, entry-level guitar brand for beginners under the name "Grassroots." These guitars are made wellconsidering their cheap prices, although I do not think they are very good instruments.

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