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Inscriptions attest the beginnings of a caste system during the Licchavi period.Jayasthiti Malla (1382–95) categorized Newars into 64 castes (Gellner 2001).The Nepalese caste system resembles that of the Indian jāti system with numerous jāti divisions with a varna system superimposed for a rough equivalence.But since the culture and the society is different some of the things are different.A similar exercise was made during the reign of Mahindra Malla (1506–75).The Hindu social code was later set up in Gorkha by Ram Shah (1603–36).The jātis have been endogamous groups without any fixed hierarchy but subject to vague notions of rank articulated over time based on lifestyle and social, political or economic status.In many instances, as in Bengal, historically the kings and rulers had been called upon, when required, to mediate on the ranks of jātis, which might number in thousands all over the subcontinent and vary by region.

According to political scientist Lloyd Rudolph, Risley believed that varna, however ancient, could be applied to all the modern castes found in India, and "[he] meant to identify and place several hundred million Indians within it." The terms varna (conceptual classification based on occupation) and jāti (groups) are two distinct concepts: while varna is the idealised four-part division envisaged by the Twice-Borns, jāti (community) refers to the thousands of actual endogamous groups prevalent across the subcontinent.In biology, the term is applied to role stratification in eusocial animals like ants and termites, though the analogy is imperfect as these also involve extremely stratified reproduction.When the Spanish colonized the New World, they used the word to mean a "clan or lineage".In practice, the jātis may or may not fit into the varna classes and many prominent jatis, for example the Jats and Yadavs, straddled two varnas i.e.Kshatriyas and Vaishyas, and the varna status of jātis itself was subject to articulation over time.

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