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As spring approaches, many of us who’ve spent months trapped in the lingering Polar Vortex will celebrate as we drive with the windows rolled down.But with this simple pleasure comes the tendency for a less-talked-about (but no less serious) driving distraction.

Sussman's advice is to figure out your own feelings before disclosing everything to your partner.Most women said they’d give an attractive driver a smile (instead of looking ahead), while men were more inclined to honk at (and probably startle) a driver that interested them. Only one-third of women surveyed said they’ve been a little too friendly with drivers passing by, while half of the men surveyed admitted they’ve been more than attentive to attractive drivers nearby.There’s no doubt it can be a challenge to stay cool when someone pulls up and makes your usual route a little more scenic.So next time you’re struck by Cupid’s arrow en-route, just remember to keep your eyes focused on the road.Speed date the safe way — when you’re not on the road!

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