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It was a skull connected with the lower jaw, which was facing up.

These were announced to the press in 1998, resulting in considerable media attention around the world.

After 1998, when a part of the skull had been discovered and uncovered, Clarke pointed out now that the fossils were probably associated with the genus Australopithecus, but whose 'unusual features' do not match any Australopithecus species previously described.

Clarke now suggests that Little Foot does not belong to the species Australopithecus afarensis or Australopithecus africanus, but to a unique Australopithecus species previously found at Makapansgat and Sterkfontein Member Four, Australopithecus prometheus.

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In the following months, Clarke and his two assistants with the help of a hammer and small chisel uncovered further foot bones.

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A second analysis put the date around 2.5 million years old and was more widely accepted.A year later, in July and August 1999, a left forearm as well as the corresponding left hand was discovered and partly uncovered.These were again in anatomically correct arrangement.The nickname "little foot" was given to the fossil in 1995.From the structure of the four ankle bones they were able to ascertain that the owner was able to walk upright.

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