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Well, in many of these cases you should keep in the very front of your mind that Natalia probably isn't really the one participating in this correspondence at all.She probably exists, lives in the city noted on her profile, looks like her pictures, etc., etc., etc., but she hasn't seen your profile, read any of your messages (probably isn't even aware of them), or written you any messages.But I would recommend against using ANY OTHER SERVICES of A Foreign Affair. Pay-Per-Letter is practically synonymous with agency fraud.

The email has the subject line "You have received a letter from Natalia", but "Natalia" has no idea who you are, has never seen your profile, has not selected your profile, and has not actually participated in any way in writing or sending the message, but you have to PAY to read that message, and you have to pay even more to reply to that message.BUT, if you can afford it, their tours can be fun and possibly successful if you set your expectations realistically, avoid their "propaganda", and follow my advice on group tours.Preliminary Hint: "Unlimited Introductions" come with the tour package.This is - AT BEST - how nearly ALL pay-per-letter operations work.At worst, the girls ARE actually writing you, but they are paid to do so, and in some cases they will even lure you to visit their city to scam you face-to-face.

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