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"I want you to cum for me boy and then I'm going to turn you naked to the streets." He stroked my cock violently and kept telling me I was going home naked, that it was cold outside and people would see me.

He told me that I would eventually grow hard again and feel the cold wind passing my cock and my ass; that people would see my hard cock bobbing up and down as I ran.

He played with my shriveling cock until I screamed for him to stop.

I just can't take anyone playing with my pee hole after I have cummed and he seemed to know this. We said our pleasantries and both knew it was time to part ways.

When he tired of the play, he rose from the chair and had me sit in it.

This large furry man, the one that had earlier been so gentle, came behind me and tied my hands around the back of the chair.

I mean we have seen all the movies where you get to your feet and slam the chair into a wall or something to break free.

Each time I had pre-cum form on the tip of my cock he made me eat it.

He kept turning me over played with my ass for a while and then turned me back and played with my cock.

He began to inspect my penis, opening my pee slit and pulling it down and twisting it around.

I stared down at it as he did this and became hornier and hornier.

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