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Bankruptcies have approximately quintupled since 1980. Over the same period, credit card debt has gone from 4% of income to 12%, and average savings have gone from 10% of income to negative.Seventy percent of Americans say they have so much debt burden that “it is making their home lives unhappy”.In 2004, for the first time, “get out of debt” passed “lose weight” for Most Popular New Years Resolution. One thing that finally got me writing this up was a post on Bleeding Heart Libertarians which, like all posts on Bleeding Heart Libertarians and in accordance with the philosophy of the same name, was about how although libertarianism is commonly thought of as a heartless philosophy it can actually be reconciled with the care/harm-based ethic of deep compassion for the weak and needy. If true, it would explain the phenomenon cited above – that even with twice as much money, the Boomer generation is much less financially stable than their parents’ generation.

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My sons could go outdoors and they didn’t need to be afraid.

First, the cities became viewed, rightly or wrongly, as terribly unsafe ghettos full of drugs and gangs and violence.

As far as I can tell, this is a pretty accurate description of the 70s, although things have gotten a little better since then.

The average family income in the 2000s was around ,000 (all numbers in the book and in this post can be considered already adjusted for inflation).

The husband’s income didn’t change much during this time, so the gain was due mostly to the wife getting an extra ,000.

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