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We all need somebody to lean on “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option” My life has never been simple or easy, but I worked hard and did everything necessary to make a better life for myself. This year there was substantial issues with my family very hard times, being a caregiver is never ever easy and watching someone you love get worse and worse by the day is tougher than anything I can imagine.

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You will have no problem meeting new friends from either across town, across the country or even from other continents.

Im looking forward to bringing you the best of me in 2018. I will be back to attending conventions so that I can meet you in person.

This year sadly has been one of the worst years of my life including the year that I got diagnosed with cancer and I really cannot wait for it to be over. If you are interested in bookings please email me [email protected] I have tons of shit planned in the new year can we just hurry up and get there already !!

I am emotionally exhausted and drained and have sadly neglected putting me first and as a result am suffering through these health issues right now.

In all honesty though I wouldnt trade it for the world, I know I have given love support happiness and joy to someone who deserves it.

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