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When there are too many quotes, it's quite a scroll. Next to each username, there's an arrow, or carrot ^.If you click it, it collapses that quote and all the quotes within it.Its also a one stop shop for those members who want to see what you've been up to on FJ. (On profile screen in the upper right of cover photo and on main site in user link information Cover Photo: this is the horizontal background photo behind your profile photo.See FAQ on cover photo for instructions on how to upload and position.We still want to know so we can assist you, but knowing whether it's theme or browser specific is a huge starting off point and clear information makes at least one of the tech team want to shower you with muffin baskets.If your issue is the inability to post please email [email protected] and be sure to include your username.Posting or emailing above will make sure your issue is seen as soon as possible by someone in the position to help you out.Posting about it in an unrelated forum, blogging about it, having an indepth discussion with your cats have all been proven to be very ineffective ways of addressing technical problems.

If you are unable to get it to load please send an email to [email protected] and one of the mods will reset it for you.

New Member Message (helpful for old members too) FJ Terms of Use FJ Rules FJ Outlook Spring 2016 FJ Privacy Policy Choosing a Username Despite the name, yes, you are free to use these.

These are from the old site and must be kept together to avoid breaking old not use really means: "Do not use unless you prefer searching through junk drawers and unorganized piles for things over opening a neatly organized closet and finding what you need in it's proper place." When a member violates a rule or To U they may get a warning from mod or admin in a red box at the top of the page being viewed.

Due to the configuration of the field background type images work great, as do anything which can be positioned to center in the space.

User Name Default Group Content Count: post count Joined Date Last Visited Search See My Activity: Search your activity thread for your own content (posts, entries, replies, etc.)(Left Side Bar)Community Reputation (see reputation activity will show posts where you've been given reputation)Warning/Posts Restrictions: if you have no warnings/ are not on restriction this will be zero.

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